Friday, August 12, 2016

Sex & The Big Pretty

***In the very 1st blog post I mentioned that Big Pretties a.k.a Big Pretties & Gents are not overtly sexual. How ironic is it that in the very next damn post that this is the topic-SEX.***

  So many times as women of size we often put limitations on ourselves sexually.  We (not all, but more than enough) think that because we look like this, or are shaped like that, or weigh this amount that we cannot do certain things when it comes to pleasing our lovers in the bedroom. The key word here is think.  That's where we all go wrong, it's all in our heads!

Have you ever stopped to think....there's that word again....that by the time it's time to do the deed that that man or woman if that's your thing is hardly concerned about what the number on the scale says?  They- like you- have already made a conscious decision to engage in body to body contact honey.  And like the old folks use to say; "Everybody is the same size laying down". Hmph. But I digress.....

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So often we deprive ourselves of maximum pleasure because we do not do enough! In conversation with some other Big Pretties, some don't or simply won't ride the D.  Complaints of discomfort, I've been guilty of this one, or a Big Pretty thinking that her lover will be uncomfortable under her weight, or maybe even feeling insecure if she has a gut has limited her experience.  I don't know what the view is like but I'm almost certain that the sight of a beautiful woman on top of him with a soft body and breasts bouncing as she's working his body in and out of hers is not a turn off to him. But what do I know?

Maybe you've been in a position -no pun- where you didn't feel totally comfortable with having sex doggie style. Let's be really real here, when he's putting in that work our soft bodies sometimes jiggle. He AIN'T mad. Trust me. Nothing turns a man on more than seeing that ass jiggle as he's going to town. Nothing. Nine times out of ten he's stroking his ego at that fact that he can make your body convulse ultimately making him go harder. Why? Because you're a big girl- you can take it.

Anywho, to avoid a post penned as soft porn and to stay on topic the bottom line is this: When it is time to engage in grown folk activities between two consenting adults, each partner has their own thoughts about their performance.  He's in his head too, but not about what you think. It's no easy task making love to a woman of size, there is a certain skill set that has to be involved. He's hoping he's got enough stamina, that he can make your experience enjoyable. Hopefully you're unselfish lovers and want to please each other.  Don't kill your own vibe by focusing on your flaws and insecurities, the world does enough of that, just enjoy the skin you're in. Enjoy the skin he's in. It makes for a beautiful time had by all.

Let me know what you think!

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