Wednesday, September 14, 2016

What Is "Big Pretties"?

Established in February of 2014- Big Pretties also known as Big Pretties & Gents is an organization of fuller figured and larger stature men and women- also the people who love them. BP&G's, as it is affectionately called, started off as "like" page on Facebook. The page focused on the celebration of larger body types and the inclusion of this class into society in an attempt to normalize what is often ostracized. Quickly gaining momentum, the page spun off into a private group. What would happen next is nothing short of amazing! Within this private group relationships were built, friendships were formed, and it's members blurred the lines of the internet and started to meet in the flesh.

Since inception this group has laughed with one another, cried with one another, celebrated the other's successes and tolerated their failures.  We have seen personal milestones met, romantic relationships built, babies born, children graduating school, and have even loss members due to death.  In true family fashion there have been falling outs, rivalries made and mended and some relationships tattered. What has never wavered is the overall tone of the movement- a safe no judgement zone where members are free to just "be".

The freedom to express ourselves through the written and/or spoken word, the clothing that we choose to wear or lack thereof, the differences in our backgrounds, religious beliefs, even how we rear our children has only brought us closer together.  We are not the typical group of plus sized groups online. BP&G's are not overtly sexual, we do not bash and degrade people who fit the demographic of what is deemed a "normal" weight and/or body type in an attempt to feel more secure with ourselves. Nor is the focus solely on our weight.

What we are is a group of people who accept one another (flaws and all), motivate and inspire each other to strive for our personal bests in all aspects of life. The genuine respect and love for our fellow group members is what has sustained our relationships and has ultimately made this movement what it is.

You know how no matter where you go in life there is always that one place on earth with folks who will love and accept you for what you are, where you are with no question? That's what Big Pretties is. It is home.