Wednesday, September 14, 2016

8 Secrets That Fat Women Don't Tell The World

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1. Thick thighs really do, in fact, bring all the boys to the yard. They also cause friction and over time destroy the inner thigh area of our jeans/jeggings/leggings. Sucks.

 2. Our boobs are magical and constantly perform tricks of optical illusion. On the surface they’re soft, wonderful mounds of fleshy goodness. Beneath the surface they are sweating their balls off and require powder of some sort to keep the chafing away.

 3. These same boobs are also heavy as hell and often cause indentures on our flesh due to the strainage of our bra straps holding them up. And you thought your job was hard? Go figure.

 4. We often test the sturdiness of a man or chair before putting our full weight on him/them. We’d like to be confident that they can securely hold our bodies before we get 100% comfortable.

*For the rest of this hilarious & comprehensive list, go on over the original article posted on Buzzfeed.

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