Monday, August 22, 2016

Your Friends & Family Are Making You Fat!

Unless you've been living under a rock, I'm sure that you've heard the old saying "birds of a feather flock together".  Take a look at the people that are the closest to you, the people who you talk to the most, spend the most time with, and pour into.  These people help to make you the person that you are, knowingly or unknowingly.  Their mannerisms, speech, habits, and characteristics- no matter how small in detail- become apart of your person.  You ever said/did something and had to laugh to yourself because that was such a "insert name" like thing to have said/done? We all have, it's unavoidable. Your eating habits are no different.

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You ever told someone in your family how you were watching your weight, on a diet, or lifestyle change and magically everything that you cannot resist appears?  You want some of whatever "it" is and verbalize it or have stared it down like you wanted to fight it and then someone says "a little bit ain't gonna hurt" or "go ahead and have some, you know you want some" or "you can start over tomorrow" and the damned list goes on and on and on!  You contemplate having some or not having some and while you're thinking everyone else is eating and you're stuck between a delicious caloric heaven and a fat place.  What to do? Eff it, you have some! Since you've now had some you throw the rest of the "diet" out of the window and say to hell with it and eat your ass off.  Now you're defeated, still fat, and depressed. And the cycle continues.

Or maybe your circle is the type to celebrate only with eating.  No one is going anywhere other than a restaurant to have a good time and you damn sure didn't get pretty to suck on salad all night long. Once again your better judgement has gone out of the window and you're back to square one.  Or maybe you've got that one pessimistic friend or family member who automatically shuts any type of diet/cut back down because she just knows for sure that she just cannot do it.  She speaks with such an authority and confidence that you believe her and subconciously sides with her, now you've rationalized her truth-made it yours-and you're still not making any changes. Mind you, said friend/family will often complain that she wishes she was x amount of lbs. smaller, or that she really wants to lose weight. How?

Now, if weight loss isn't your goal that's perfectly fine! If it is, you've got to be mindful of who you allow into your spirit.  Feeding your body is so much more than nutrient rich food, it is spirit and emotional food too. And it is a constant battle!!! You are in the fight of your life on a daily basis against temptation, against peer pressure, against your own will.  Will you give up some days & say eff it? Absolutely! Will you get tired of not indulging and treat yourself from time to time, maybe even too often? Yes indeed! But what you won't do is keep letting someone else who doesn't have to live with the results determine what your feed into yourself.  Remember this-we are all struggling with something.  Why not have people in your circle who want to help you fight?

Let me know your thoughts on this one.    

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